1: Struggling with shoulder mobility? The key to fixing it lies in strengthening the muscles around your shoulder joint.

2: Start with exercises like shoulder shrugs, lateral raises, and external rotations to improve flexibility and range of motion.

3: Incorporate stretches like shoulder circles, arm circles, and chest stretches to reduce stiffness and increase mobility.

4: Focus on proper posture and alignment to prevent strain on your shoulders and improve overall mobility and function.

5: Consider adding stability exercises like planks and side planks to build shoulder strength and support proper movement.

6: Consult a physical therapist or trainer for personalized exercises and stretches to address your specific shoulder mobility issues.

7: Use tools like resistance bands and foam rollers to target and release tight muscles in your shoulders and upper back.

8: Practice mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and relaxation exercises to reduce tension and promote better shoulder mobility.

9: Commit to a regular shoulder mobility routine to see long-term improvements in range of motion, strength, and overall shoulder health.