1: "Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features upgraded camera and faster processor than S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra."

2: "Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts improved battery life and sleek design over S22 Ultra, but S24 Ultra outperforms both."

3: "S24 Ultra's 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display trumps S23 Ultra's 6.7-inch screen and S22 Ultra's 6.8-inch panel."

4: "Comparing performance, S24 Ultra's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC is more powerful than S23 Ultra's Exynos 2200 and S22 Ultra's Snapdragon 898."

5: "S24 Ultra comes with up to 16GB of RAM, while S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra offer up to 12GB and 16GB respectively."

6: "Galaxy S24 Ultra runs on One UI 5 based on Android 13, providing a smoother user experience compared to S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra."

7: "S24 Ultra's camera setup includes a 108MP main sensor, surpassing S23 Ultra's 108MP and S22 Ultra's 50MP primary cameras."

8: "Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers 1TB of storage, double that of S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra, making it ideal for heavy users."

9: "In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out with superior specs in display, performance, camera, and storage over S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra."