1: Classic French Manicure Achieve timeless elegance with a classic white tip on a natural nail bed for a sophisticated look.

2: French Ombre Nails Add a modern twist to your French manicure with a subtle ombre effect that fades from light to dark.

3: Glitter French Tips Sparkle and shine with glitter accents on your French tips for a glamorous and festive touch.

4: French Marble Nail Art Channel luxury with a marble effect on your French manicure, combining sophistication with trendiness.

5: French Moon Manicure Turn heads with a unique moon-shaped design at the base of your nails for a creative twist.

6: French Floral Nails Embrace femininity with delicate floral patterns on your French manicure for a romantic and chic look.

7: French Geometric Nail Art Make a statement with geometric shapes and lines on your French nails for a bold and edgy style.

8: French Sparkle Tips Add a touch of glamour with shimmering sparkle tips on your French manicure for a dazzling finish.

9: French Negative Space Nails Experiment with negative space by leaving parts of your nails bare for a modern and artistic French manicure.