1: "Blue Bloods Season 14 news - Tom Selleck and CBS announced the end of the popular series. Fans are devastated by this announcement."

2: "After 11 successful seasons, Blue Bloods is coming to a close with Season 14. Tom Selleck's iconic role as Frank Reagan will be dearly missed."

3: "CBS and Tom Selleck officially confirm the end of Blue Bloods after Season 14. The beloved police drama will conclude on a high note."

4: "Fans express mixed emotions over the news of Blue Bloods ending with Season 14. Tom Selleck's portrayal of Commissioner Reagan will be remembered."

5: "Blue Bloods Season 14 marks the end of an era for Tom Selleck and CBS. The show has left a lasting impact on viewers with its gripping storylines."

6: "CBS and Tom Selleck bid farewell to Blue Bloods as Season 14 wraps up the series. Fans await the final episodes with bittersweet anticipation."

7: "The end of Blue Bloods Season 14 brings closure to Tom Selleck's character, Frank Reagan. Viewers reflect on the legacy of this beloved TV series."

8: "Tom Selleck and CBS thank fans for their support as Blue Bloods concludes with Season 14. The cast and crew say goodbye to a memorable chapter."

9: "As Blue Bloods reaches its finale in Season 14, Tom Selleck and CBS issue a statement expressing gratitude to loyal viewers. The legacy of Frank Reagan lives on."