1: 1. Fertilize your garden with crushed eggshells for added calcium. 2. Use eggshell halves as seed starters for small plants. 3. Create DIY chalk paint with powdered eggshells and water.

2: 4. Clean stubborn stains off pots and pans with eggshell abrasive. 5. Feed birds by placing whole eggshells in your backyard. 6. Brew a mild coffee with eggshells to reduce bitterness.

3: 7. Create natural face masks by blending eggshells with honey. 8. Repel pests by scattering crushed eggshells around plants. 9. Add eggshell powder to homemade toothpaste for extra calcium.

4: 10. Strengthen nails by mixing crushed eggshells with olive oil. 11. Use eggshell halves as biodegradable seedling pots. 12. Exfoliate skin with a homemade scrub of eggshell powder and sugar.

5: 13. Compost eggshells for nutrient-rich soil in your garden. 14. Prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes with crushed eggshells. 15. Enhance plant growth by sprinkling eggshells in potting soil.

6: 16. Add eggshell powder to dog food for extra calcium. 17. Create a DIY scrubbing paste with eggshell powder and vinegar. 18. Crush eggshells to deter slugs and snails from plants.

7: 19. Use half an eggshell to hold small items like jewelry. 20. Reduce acidity in coffee with a pinch of eggshell powder. 21. Prevent clogs in drains by tossing crushed eggshells down the sink.

8: 22. Mix eggshell powder with water to create a natural cleanser. 23. Sprinkle crushed eggshells on sidewalks to deter ants. 24. Create a calcium-rich supplement by blending eggshells into smoothies.

9: 25. Repurpose eggshells as biodegradable seed markers in the garden. 26. Make a healing salve with eggshell powder and coconut oil. 27. Brew a calming tea with eggshell powder and hot water.