1: Loaded cabbage casserole is the ultimate comfort food, packed with flavor and nutrients.

2: Try a traditional cabbage roll casserole, filled with ground beef and rice.

3: For a low-carb option, swap rice for cauliflower in your cabbage casserole.

4: Add a twist with a spicy Mexican-inspired cabbage casserole, loaded with beans and cheese.

5: Elevate your cabbage casserole with a creamy cheese sauce and crunchy breadcrumb topping.

6: Experiment with different seasonings and meats in your cabbage casserole for variety.

7: Incorporate hearty vegetables like carrots and bell peppers in your cabbage casserole.

8: Freeze individual portions of cabbage casserole for easy meal prep and quick dinners.

9: Get creative with your cabbage casserole toppings, like crispy bacon or fresh herbs.