1: Indulge in the classic German dish, Schweinshaxe, a roasted pork knuckle that is juicy and crispy on the outside.

2: Transport your taste buds to Germany with Spätzle, a delicious egg noodle dish that is often served as a side.

3: Savor the rich flavors of Rouladen, a traditional German dish made with thinly sliced beef, onions, bacon, and pickles.

4: Pair your movie night with a hearty serving of Kartoffelsalat, a German potato salad with a tangy vinegar dressing.

5: Complete your German movie night experience with Brezeln, soft and chewy pretzels that are perfect for dipping in mustard.

6: Treat yourself to Kaiserschmarrn, a fluffy and sweet pancake that is often topped with powdered sugar and fruit compote.

7: Indulge in Currywurst, a popular German street food dish that features fried pork sausage topped with curry ketchup.

8: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, a decadent Black Forest cherry cake that is a German dessert favorite.

9: End your movie night on a high note with Apfelstrudel, a traditional German apple strudel that is warm, flaky, and filled with sweet apples.