1: 1. Ziva and Tony reunite onscreen. 2. Fans get closure on their story. 3. Action-packed investigations await. 4. Familiar faces return for guest appearances.

2: 5. Sparks fly between Ziva and Tony. 6. Unexpected plot twists keep viewers hooked. 7. Emotional depth explores Ziva's past. 8. Tony's witty humor adds levity to the drama.

3: 9. Dynamic duo solves cases with style. 10. Chemistry between Ziva and Tony sizzles. 11. Edge-of-your-seat suspense in every episode. 12. International settings bring fresh excitement.

4: 13. Intriguing mysteries unravel each week. 14. Twists and turns keep fans guessing. 15. Ziva and Tony's banter delights audiences. 16. Ensemble cast shines in supporting roles.

5: 17. Nostalgic nods to NCIS history. 18. Strong character development for Ziva and Tony. 19. Complex relationships add depth to the story. 20. Action sequences dazzle with tension.

6: 21. A mix of drama, humor, and heart. 22. High stakes and intense drama. 23. Ziva and Tony face personal challenges. 24. Adventure awaits in every episode.

7: 25. Unforgettable moments that tug at heartstrings. 26. Onscreen chemistry reignites old flames. 27. Fresh storylines captivate new and old fans. 28. Intrigue and suspense drive the narrative forward.

8: 29. On-edge excitement with Ziva and Tony. 30. Nostalgic moments resonate with viewers. 31. Engaging storytelling that keeps audiences engaged. 32. Must-watch TV for NCIS fans.

9: 33. Ziva and Tony's journey continues. 34. New adventures await in the spinoff. 35. A thrilling ride with Ziva and Tony awaits.